Cold insulation insulation is a type of insulation material required for lower temperature environments than the surrounding environment which is usually capable of preventing condensation, moisture ingress and long-term degradation. WHAT IS PIPE INSULATION MATERIAL? Cold insulation is a type of insulation required for lower temperature environments than the surrounding environment which is usually capable […]

Vulcanized rubber

Vulcanized rubber or foam rubber, insulation rubber is an elastic plastic with a honeycomb-like structure. Vulcanized rubber also has very good resistance to condensation in refrigeration systems, is a product with high clean standards. Vulcanized rubber is rubber that has been increased hardness by heating technique combined with sulfur. Hence called vulcanized rubber Rubber Vulcanization […]

What are the types of cold insulation materials?

With the rapid development of the construction industry and the refrigeration industry, various types of  Insulation cold materials are increasingly focused and used in popularity. Cold insulation materials, also known as insulating materials, have a thermal conductivity coefficient of less than or equal to 0.157w/m.oC. These types of materials are used for cold insulation of air […]


Glass wool (Glasswool) is a material with a rudimentary surface, easy to catch dust, so it is mostly used in hidden places or as a lining in sound-absorbing walls.   Glass wool can be placed on the wall, ceiling, can absorb a large amount of sound, reduce the reverberation time, which is beneficial to increasing the clarity of […]

What is the concept of an air conditioning insulation pipe and the address to buy an air conditioning insulation pipe

air conditioning insulation pipe is an indispensable material on air conditioners. Here, Nanoflex will introduce you to general information about what an air conditioner insulation pipe is, its structure, role and how to use it on air conditioners. The concept of air conditioning insulation pipes What is the concept of air conditioning insulation pipe? Insulation […]

Vulcanized rubber – Technical characteristics

Vulcanized rubber is formed by mixing raw rubber (elastomer, amorphous polymer) with different components to form a combination, then vulcanized to form rubber. Vulcanized rubber will look like a sponge but completely sponge foams do not acquire those technical characteristics. It is high heat resistance, anti-aging, ozone resistance, heat insulation, fuel oil resistance, Iubes resistance, […]

Consulting Sound absorption and insulation measures in the air conditioning ventilation system

HOW TO APPLY SOUND ABSORPTION AND HEAT INSULATION INSIDE THE AIR CONDITIONING VENTILATION SYSTEM The scope of duct work includes all necessary ducts to meet the ventilation and air conditioning needs of the project. Wind mouths on standard accessories popular in Vietnam. Ensure noise cancellation and insulation requirements in the air conditioning ventilation system Method […]

The most effective karaoke room soundproofing solution

Sucking soundproof room Karaoke SHOUT also does not listen The basic principle in karaoke room soundproofing is good sound efficiency. Therefore, the choice of soundproof foams is a top priority. Why soundproof karaoke rooms? Good karaoke room soundproofing brings a lot of efficiency. If you go to sing in a karaoke room or studio where […]

Insulation with mineral wool – the optimal solution for housing space in 2022

Temperature changes with the constant development of life, global warming has been predicted in advance. The consequence of the greenhouse effect is global warming, the average temperature amplitude increases in many areas. Therefore, many modern projects today pay more attention to reducing heat, dissipating heat to ensure living, studying and working life for everyone. So […]
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