Current types of insulation insulation are used a lot


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Current types of insulation insulation are used a lot 

Insulation is a type of material that has an insulating effect. This material is indispensable in the current refrigeration industry in Vietnam. With the main use is to limit heat waste, hot heat for machine systems and equipment. At the same time, insulate the factory, save electricity costs for cooling electrical equipment. They are also widely used in the industry such as construction, installation, food processing, chemicals … Join Nanoflex to learn more about these types of insulation insulation.

What is insulation?


Types of insulation insulation

Insulation is the common name for many different types of insulation insulation of this material. Insulation materials have the effect of insulating and limiting heat waste. The use of this material is selected and considered to suit a variety of purposes. At the same time meet each need of the specific construction project.

Foam type XPS moisture resistant insulation

XPS Foam panels are sound insulation and vibration resistance materials. They have been used for a long time in construction works. Recent studies on construction buildings show that XPS panels with a thickness of 15-18cm help save electricity consumption annually from 343 to 344 Kwh / m2.

Nanoflex High-end plastic ceilings are the trend of ceiling cladding for construction projects today

Thanks to mechanical hardness is superior to those of conventional insulation. Therefore, XPS foam insulation offers a lot of advantages when applying insulation to floors, roofs or walls. Not only that, this foam sheet also meets the regulations on health safety (during production, installation and use).

Moisture resistant PE OPP foam sheet

PE-OPP foams are composed of a layer of PE blowing air bubbles on the surface of OPP film. Specialized for moisture resistance, flooring for wooden floors in offices, halls …Heat and humidity protection for warehouses, factories, offices of industrial parks, export processing zones … Used as insulation for air conditioning systems and cold rooms … Especially used for noise-canceling sound insulation for the ceilings of railway stations, supermarkets, airports, schools, hospitals … This is one of the most widely used types of insulation insulation.


                                                                                                                            Moisture-proof insulation

Insulation foil has an insulating effect
The foil center consists of a thick layer of aluminum. This type of accessory is used to insulate insulation pipes, building roofs, ceiling insulation panels, walls … Foil is wrapped on the outside of the insulated cotton to increase the durability of soft ducts, ventilation and air conditioning systems for buildings.

The main effect of foil products is thermal insulation while preventing heat from penetrating and saving energy. They also have good flame retardant effects, ensuring safety (tested according to ASTM E84, AS1530 fire protection standards). It also prevents moisture from entering and is waterproof.

Insulated airbags

This type of airbag is composed of pure aluminum film. The airbag class has low thermal conductivity. Along with the reflective properties of the high aluminum film. Thus creating superior sound insulation for this material. They are mainly used in the construction industry, heat resistance for corrugated iron roofs, warehouses, schools, hospitals,…

Insulation rubber pads

Rubber, thanks to being made from lightweight plastics, is highly elastic. Used in the fields of insulation, insulation and vibration resistance. Composed of structures are honeycomb holes that are adjacent and interconnected. With the same closed surface, they have very good resistance to dew condensation in cold systems.

Rubber insulation comes in the form of tubes, plates. They have been shaped, in the form of standard flat plates or rolls. This is considered one of the types of insulation insulation with high cleanliness standards. Especially does not contain CFCs, HCFC and O.D.P.


Quality cheap insulation

Insulated insulation is definitely indispensable in daily life. Especially in the construction of large-scale works. It is necessary to ensure the safety and welfare of people comes first. The above are common types of insulation insulation. If you want to learn more about other types, visit Nanoflex.



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