Tube insulation with Aluminium Class 1

Nanoflex Insulation Class 1 silver sleeve is manufactured from the world's most modern technology line, the product has a completely closed foam structure, low thermal conductivity, and vapor resistance. great fire and water. There are two types of products - tubes and plates. It is easy to install, safe and environmental protection. The insulation material is suitable for water and gas pipes in HVAC systems, cooling and heating equipment, hot water pipes, to ensure the tightness of the whole system.

Nanoflex Class 1

NANOFLEX CLASS 1 is NBR based closed cell insulation specially formulated to meet England fire standard BS. Products have low flame spread following BS 476 Part 7 is Class 1 and low fire propagation following BS476 Part 6.

Nanoflex Standard STD

NANOFLEX STD is a high standard with surface all is black, product which is popularly used in refrigerant industry in purpose of prevent condensation problem on chiller water and refrigeration systems and saving energy. The product have low and stable thermal conductivity K-value, high water vapor permeability µ value and meet ASTM D635 class HB, UL94 Class V0.
Nanoflex Class 1 - Nanoflex High Quality Insulation