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Nanoflex orients to sustainable development and becomes the leading Insulation Manufacturer in the region, constantly making efforts every day to bring the best quality products to bring maximum satisfaction to customers, at the same time. contribute to creating a greener life for the community.

Core Value

  • Takes the word “RELIABILITY” to the top position, takes the word “RELIABILITY” as a competitive advantage and protects the word RELIABILITY as defending himself.
  • Tries to prepare full capacity for implementation, tries our best to ensure correct and higher than its commitments to customers; especially the commitments to product and service quality.
  • Respect the law and maintain professional ethics, social ethics.
  • Always appreciate customer and customer-centric, set expectations and interests of the customer to the forefront; strive to bring customers the most perfect products and services; Considering customer satisfaction as a measure of success.
  • Take care of customers voluntarily and only undertake the task when qualified.
  • Considereing creative vitality, the lever of development, to create differentiated value and complete product chain.
  • Increase the spirit of learning, dare to think, dare to do, constantly learn, constantly develop, together build perfect team to create internal strength to realize the dream of reaching Asia.
  • Build a team of lean staff, with CONSCIENCE-CONSIDERABLE-CONSUMMATE, where each member has excellent factors in their field of work; put people in the right thing to do their best, but also be willing to sift through the inappropriate people.
  • Build relationships with customers, colleagues and partners by goodwill and cordial.
  • Considering employees the most valuable asset; building a dynamic, professional, creative and humane working field; building appropriate welfare policies, creating high income conditions and a fair development environment for employees.
  • Considering shareholders to be an effective source for the investment plan of encouragement for the investment plans of the business, keep bringing construction and development to increase Enterprise value bringing the highest satisfaction to shareholders.
  • Towards the development and production of green products group not harmful to the environment.
  • Raising awareness of employees, actively participating in community and social activities.
  • Towards the development and production of green products group not harmful to the environment.
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Mission: Taking customer satisfaction is a measure of efficiency in business operations:

Vietnam marketsplace: pioneering products and solutions in the industry with the best price Insulation

Group members / staff: Create a fair environment, training opportunities, developing, rewarding

With shareholders: Create an environment for Shareholders to contribute, build ecosystem, Achieve market share growth, market and shareholder profit expectations

Community: Producing "green" products, supporting industry development, actively participating in community activities.

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Environment and Community

Nanoflex is aware and acts decisively in environmental protection. The company invests in modern, scientific and streamlined equipment and operating methods to help minimize the impact on the environment.

The company's insulation products carry the mission of saving energy, protecting the environment, bringing greater benefits to the community.


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Sustainable Development - Nanoflex High Quality Insulation