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DETI Co,. Ltd  would like to send respectful greetings and cooperation to Customers and Partners. Deti Co,. Ltd was company officially established on 3rd May, 1996. Our factory with locating at Km16+500 Thang Long highway Yen Son Industrial Park, Yen Son Town, Quoc Oai District, Ha Noi Capital Viet Nam where important transportation road of Ha noi Capital and located in industrial park focused factory modern industry. We pride ourselves in presenting our customers with quality products together with prompt and reliable services.

NANOFLEX is a new line of foam rubber insulation products of DETI Co,. Ltd . Products are completed on the most modern new machinery line in the world today. The product has two major material series EPDM and NBR/PVC. This catalog is NANOFLEX preferred NBR/PVC insulation for HVAC&R Industrial.

 New NANOFLEX products achieve the highest fire resistance, low and stable insulation coefficient, excellent moisture resistance, small and smooth closed cell structure used in clean room medicine, aerospace technology, industrial refrigeration. industrial and construction. Meet the most demanding requirements of the 4.0 technology towards green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly products.

As a provider of rubber foam material with applications soundproof & insulation leading to the construction industry, providing customers with innovative solutions and promptly to achieve the highest efficiency. Commit to long-term cooperation with customers, with suppliers to develop harmony of interests of the parties.

 Vision Vision

Nanoflex aims to become a leading supplier of insulation solutions, products and services in Vietnam and reach out in the region, constantly innovating and innovating to develop the ecosystem of quality products and services contribute to improving quality for users and raising the position of Vietnamese brands in the international arena.

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