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For many people working in the fields of refrigeration, mechanics and manufacturing machines, perhaps insulation materials have become extremely familiar. This product has a wide variety of materials and different uses. There is a lot of information that when you want to learn about these products you need to know. In life it is certainly […]

For many people working in the fields of refrigeration, mechanics and manufacturing machines, perhaps insulation materials have become extremely familiar. This product has a wide variety of materials and different uses. There is a lot of information that when you want to learn about these products you need to know. In life it is certainly essential with many applications. 

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                                                                                                                    Must-know information about insulation materials

Insulation insulation materials are well known as materials used to prevent heat waste of many systems. Among them are popular such as steam supply, refrigeration,… People use these products a lot for the purpose of saving maximum electrical energy lost while using equipment. 

Not too strange insulation insulation can also be understood as referring to materials that have conservation properties. At the same time, it can also prevent temperature loss to the outside. Prevent the impact of inappropriate temperature by external factors. 

This is a general phrase but is used and made from many different materials. Not having to choose a high-cost product that can be the best, but also depending on the intended use of humans.  

2. Classification of popular insulation and insulation materials

Regarding insulation insulation, there are also many popular types today: 

  • Fiberglass: It consists of ultra-fine fiberglass – which is one of the most popular insulation materials. It is commonly used in two different types of roll and liquid insulation and is also available as hard plate and duct insulation.
  • Mineral wool: It consists of 2 types: stone cotton and slag cotton. In it cotton stone, an artificial material consisting of natural minerals such as basalt or diabase. Cotton slag, an artificial material from blast furnace slag, also understood as waste formed on the surface of molten metal.
  • Polystyrene: This is a colorless, transparent thermoplastic. Their application is often intended to make foam insulation panels or concrete blocks. Besides, it is also used for another type of insulation that is liquid and contains small polystyrene particles.
  • Cellulosic: Cellulose insulation has been shown to be a highly regarded form of insulation for its environmental friendliness. Cellulose is made from recycled cardboard, paper and other similar materials and in loose form. Cellulose has an R value between R-3.1 and R-3.7. 

There are also many other insulation materials, but these materials are still popular and used by many people as much as you can refer to.

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                                                                                                                                        This material is extremely diverse

3. Practical applications of insulation – insulation materials

  • In practice, it can be seen that the applications of insulation insulation are extremely diverse. We can observe that they have a lot of uses. Popular as: 
  • Application is intended for factories producing packaging of foods.
  • Pharmaceutical or biotechnology production places are also used a lot.
  • Application for industrial parks, kitchens or hotels.
  • They are also used for cooling systems in residential areas or buildings.
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                                                                                                                                                          Applies a lot in life

    4. TOP 5 best insulation insulation materials

    Currently on the market there are many types of insulation insulation materials of high quality. However, you must find out your needs and what the intended use is to choose the best product. 

    4.1. Insulation foil – insulation

    Insulation foil is a high-tech solution made from several layers of aluminum, thermal foam and polypropylene. Despite being made from multiple layers, the structure of the multilayer plate remains thin while still providing superior insulation efficiency.

    Multi-blade insulation can be installed almost anywhere from roofs,floors, walls, garden buildings, passenger cars.The main way multi-blade insulation works is to reflect heat and hold air between individual layers of insulation. By doing this, it allows for much higher thermal efficiency while insulating less. In addition, due to its reflective insulation properties, multilayer insulation acts as a radiation barrier, keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

    4.2. Insulation aluminum foil

    This insulation plate has the advantages of light weight, low thermal conductivity, good heat resistance, anti-aging, easy to burn with other substrates. At the same time when bonding does not produce drops and other excellent properties. In terms of application, it is widely used in the construction of roofs, walls, ceilings, floors, doors and windows as insulation. 

    Aluminum foil itself is a good conductor of heat, direct use of which basically does not have an insulating effect. But heat loss is faster, so when using cotton insulation is wrapped inside aluminum foil. It has the function of insulation, waterproofing, moisture resistance,…. Its absorption coefficient of solar radiation is very low, which can insulate most of the heat transfer.

    4.3. Soft air ducts with insulation

    This product is produced from many layers of thick aluminum. They are attached steel wire with a middle layer of insulated glass wool with a thickness of 25 mm. With that special factor, it supports heat transfer and heat reflection extremely effectively.

    The advantage of this type is that it has a relatively large elasticity, can be used for a variety of shapes. For example, easy installation on the ends of pipes of such forms: round, rectangular and also oval. If there are fires, it also helps to prevent the spread effectively. It will also minimize the amount of toxic gases of the fire.

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                                                                                                                                 Soft air ducts with insulation have many benefits

    4.4. Non-insulation soft ducts

    For this type of insulation, it also has a similarity to having insulation that can be installed in many different shapes. Unprotected soft air ducts are used for ventilation, air intake for air conditioning systems with low and medium pressure, ventilation for high-rise buildings, commercial centers..

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    4.5. Insulated airbags

    Insulated airbags are materials formed from pure aluminum film. In which the surfaces have been optimally treated with good antioxidant effect, and also equipped with PE plastic layer including airbags covering the outer surface.The main advantage of this insulation insulation is that there is an aluminum film that effectively reflects heat. At the same time, the plastic layer will PE have the function of supporting to prevent heat conduction from the external environment and can also help dissipate heat quickly.

  • 5. Where to buy the best insulation insulation

    Insulation insulation materials are very popular and offer many useful real applications for many fields. Currently there are also many addresses that provide good high quality products. However, there will also be many stores because they want to make a lot of profit and sell poor quality products. 

    If you are looking for an address to buy these materials, you can contact NANOFLEX. Here are always committed to selling genuine and high-quality products. There is a long-term warranty, so customers can completely rest assured to buy the product. 

  • On it is the information you need to know when choosing to buy insulation insulation. Hopefully, through that people will find the most suitable products. 

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