Young rubber center – what is the insulation ?

Sheet rubber is one of the materials that is widely applied in many fields, especially sound insulation, waterproofing in construction works. Sheet young rubber has many advantages that allow the quality of the works to be higher, while being durable and cost-effective. 1. What is young rubber sheet? Young rubber is used a lot in […]

Sheet rubber is one of the materials that is widely applied in many fields, especially sound insulation, waterproofing in construction works. Sheet young rubber has many advantages that allow the quality of the works to be higher, while being durable and cost-effective.

1. What is young rubber sheet?

Young rubber is used a lot in life such as making pillows, mattress covers, and also in construction works,… However, many of you are still quite unfamiliar with this type of material? So “young rubber, what is young rubber sheet?” and what are the differences between them? 

Young rubber is essentially a synthetic rubber created from the main raw material PU (Polyurethane) in the form of active foam. They have good elasticity, flexibility. As soon as it was found out, this material was quickly used in many areas with increasing demand. As a result, products created from young rubber also become more diverse.

In particular, lipstick rubber is a form of young rubber made for application in construction projects with outstanding features of waterproofing and sound insulation. Young rubber sheets are also known by other names that are rubber mats, soundproof young rubber sheets, designed in many sizes and thicknesses to suit each need of the building.

2. Structure of young rubber sheets

Sheet young rubber has a fairly simple structure, produced from natural rubber or synthetic rubber. Besides the main material is PU, young rubber in the form of sheets is also supplemented with other additives to increase the bond between molecules, allowing the product to have a longer service life.

tấm cao su non

Usually, soundproof young rubber sheets have a characteristic black color, inside of which there is a completely closed atomic honeycomb structure that is different from the vapor-pressed structure of traditional young rubber. Young rubber sheets are designed in rectangular flat pieces with a minimum thickness of 2mm, corresponding to a width of 0.5 to 2.7 meters and unlimited in length.

3. Advantages of young rubber sheets

Sheet young rubber is designed specifically for sound insulation and waterproofing purposes, so it is used a lot in construction projects with many outstanding advantages.

3.1 Sound insulation, effective noise reduction

Sheet young rubber characterized by a durable bonding structure that is capable of absorbing noise, sound insulation is good for housing space. Moreover, young rubber sheets with good elasticity also help reduce vibration when there is an impact force.

3.2 Waterproofing

With a closed, tight interstitial structure, the waterproof rubber sheet is capable of being separate from water, completely non-absorbent and durable to environments with high humidity. As a result, the materials enclosed inside of the sheet rubber will be extremely safe from water and moisture.

3.3 Effective insulation

In addition to the effectiveness of sound insulation, vibration resistance, waterproofing, young rubber sheets can also support heat insulation because the product has a high heat resistance coefficient with fire resistance.

tấm cao su non

                                                                                                                                  Young rubber sheets have a special structure of heat insulation, sound insulation, effective waterproofing

3.4 Long service life, durability in many environmental conditions

The material that makes up the young rubber sheet is PU that is resistant to the corrosion of acids, salts and alkalis, and the product can retain its status and properties in extreme weather conditions.

On average, insulated rubber sheets can withstand temperatures below 90 degrees Celsius and high temperatures from 150 to 250 degrees Celsius. Therefore, under any conditions, sheet young rubber can survive and does not affect the service life of the product.

3.5 Good support and impact resistance

Young rubber sheets have good elasticity, so in addition to the above advantages, this product also helps to protect safe objects against impact, reducing friction.

tấm cao su non

                                                                                                                                                                      Soundproof young rubber sheet with good elasticity, impact resistance

3.6 Ease of Use

Young rubber sheets are lightweight, soft, so in the process of moving and assembling the product will be easier and more convenient. Users can fold and bend young rubber sheets without affecting the quality of the product.

3.7 Safety for the environment, construction and health of users

The material for the production of insulated young rubber sheets fully complies with safety standards for the environment and users. Therefore, the product will not harm our health and the quality of our space. Besides, the product can be biodegradable and recycled flexibly.

3.8 Low cost

An indispensable advantage of young rubber sheets is that the cost of the product will often be lower than other materials with the same sound insulation, vibration and waterproofing features.\

4. Application of young rubber sheet

With those advantages, young rubber sheets can be perfectly suitable for many different uses:

4.1 As a soundproof lining for high-noise buildings

Ngày nay, nhiều công trình thường xuyên phải chịu áp lực từ tiếng ồn như phòng karaoke, phòng thu âm, các quán Bar, vũ trường,… hoặc những không gian cần có độ yên tĩnh, tập trung như phòng họp, lớp học, phòng ngủ,… người ta thường sử dụng tấm cao su non để lót tường. Việc sử dụng tấm cao su non để làm lớp lót cách âm rất hiệu quả và hầu như có thể ngăn chặn hoàn toàn mức âm thanh từ bên ngoài vào và tiêu âm tốt từ bên trong.

tấm cao su non


                                                                                                                                                              Many preeminent features allow young sheet rubber to be effectively applied in life


4.2 Use for damping, vibration reduction

With the advantage of good elasticity, capable of reducing vibration, young rubber in the form of sheets is used a lot in factories such as footing industrial machines that can emit vibration frequency.

4.3 floor lining

Besides, young rubber in the form of sheets is also used to line the floor. Thanks to the special structure of young rubber sheets that are waterproof and moisture resistant, we can use them to make floor lining. Doing so will help prevent water seepage, prevent mold, better protect the floor, and prevent vibration from the entire floor.

4.4 As a protective barrier layer for other materials

Young rubber sheets with good elasticity and waterproofing and vibration resistance will be very suitable for making protective layers for other materials. They can be used to shield, envelop, protect various types of machines,… in places with low humidity environments are very good.

In addition, young rubber sheets are also applied in many other fields thanks to the flexibility of the product when it is possible to create many other products suitable for the purpose of use.

5. Young Rubber Sheet Quotation – Best Price

Sheet young rubber has many features, so people’s demand is increasing. In order to meet the needs of everyone, many suppliers of this product have been born. People can easily find young types of rubber sheets on the market. However, the quality and price of the product will depend on many factors such as:

5.1 Size of young rubber sheet

Sheet young rubber is designed in many sizes, corresponding to each size will cost differently. In terms of size, you can choose young rubber pieces with a thickness of 2mm to more than 50mm, unlimited length and width from 0.5 to 2.7 meters.

5.2 Market price fluctuations

Depending on the time, the price of young rubber sheets will also fluctuate. The reason may be due to the increase in the price of production materials, high demand,…. Therefore, you should carefully learn about the price and choose the right time to buy to save costs.

tấm cao su non

                                                                                                                                                               Find the right reputable unit to buy quality sheet young rubber at a good price

5.3 The price of young rubber pieces depends on the supplier

Each supplier will have different selling prices. When looking to buy young rubber sheets to use, you should also refer to the prices of many places to find the best quality and price suppliers.

To get the latest quotation of young rubber sheets, good prices, you can contact Nanoflex via the website for a quote. Because this is also one of the units specializing in providing a line of sheet rubber products that customers can trust for quality, as well as price.

6. Where to buy genuine young rubber sheets at a good price?

Young rubber sheets are really useful for many areas of life. However, to buy genuine products, good prices are not a simple thing that requires buyers to find a reputable unit.

Rated as a supplier of the best sound insulation and heat insulation materials today, the most prominent is young rubber sheet products, Nanoflex is the place where you can feel secure when looking for the following advantages:

  • Genuine products are quality tested before exporting to the market
  • Good prices help customers save more when buying at other units and do not worry about the price
  • Quality, safe and durable products
  • Buy goods quickly, suitable for the needs of users by a team of experienced staff, dedicated in each stage of consulting and especially do not waste customer time
  • Therefore, please contact us immediately when you need quality insulation materials, sound insulation, or when you need product advice. Nanoflex’s dedicated and professional staff will always accompany you and bring customers useful and reliable information. 


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